Art Facilities

Buckler’s Mead Art & Photography department has two large & spacious practical class rooms that are fully equipped with ample storage areas.  The department also has a brand new computer suite which is used in lessons on a range topics at KS3 & 4 in both art and photography.

To our knowledge, Bucklers Mead is one of the last schools in the immediate area to still have its own kiln which gives our pupils the specialist knowledge required to work with such a versatile yet challenging material.

The purpose built dark room has all the equipment required to develop film based and pinhole photography and learn how to create photograms.

We have a courtyard that both classrooms have access to which is used for stone, wood, plaster carving and welding where we have been fortunate to have worked on projects with some of the communities local artists. As a result of our excellent facilities our pupils receive a broad and varied art experience and many pupils choose to opt to take their studies further by choosing art and or photography at GCSE, where our results are always some of the highest within the school.


Art & Photography

Year 7

Students work on investigating the visual elements of line, tone, colour, pattern, texture and shape through a range of media including pencil, paint, print, clay, pastels, pen and collage. We cover art history by looking at the work of The Surrealists, Van Gogh and Hundertwasser.

Year 8

Students continue to develop their practical skills further by working on projects linked to artists studied which include Pop Art, Chuck Close and Cubism. They extend their 3D knowledge into papier-mâché.

Year 9 Fine Art

Our pre GCSE students develop their skills through a series of workshops in term one which give them the confidence to work on GCSE projects with a real understanding of creative processes and GCSE techniques. Students work independently in sketchbooks exploring and developing their ideas and skills.

Year 9 Photography

Our pre GCSE students develop their camera skills by exploring the formal elements in photography through a series of workshops. They are introduced to Photoshop and tools which can support their development of ideas within the subject. Students then work from a theme which gives them an understanding of the requirements of GCSE assessment criteria.

Year 10 Fine Art and Photography

Our GCSE year 10 students work from set themes and explore their ideas in sketchbooks or in a digital portfolio. They respond to artist / photographers and develop practical skills in all areas led by their own ideas to create a final personal response.

Year 11 Fine Art & Photography

In their final year of GCSE the students complete their themed projects and during term two have individual tutorials to complete their course work folio which is worth 60% of their grade. From the 1st January they then begin their final ‘exam’ project. They will select a theme from the exam paper and develop their ideas over a period of 10 weeks, this is then followed by a 10 hour final piece completed as a final exam. This is worth 40%.