BMA Response

BMA would like to respond to the recent social media discussion about placing CCTV in a toilet area with the following:

We are aware that there has been some social media discussion suggesting we have CCTV which films inside the toilet cubicles. This is NOT the case – there are cameras in the communal places outside the cubicles in some areas of the academy. This is due to the fact these areas have been used inappropriately by some students in the past.   The damage they have caused is unacceptable. In order for the academy to react responsibly to this it has been necessary to heighten our surveillance in key areas.  In absolutely no way is the privacy of students being compromised, as that would be totally and utterly inappropriate.

The academy has reacted responsibly to this situation and outlined to students that many other institutions have exactly the same. They have privacy within the cubicle and most institutions (other schools, shops, public places etc) have exactly the same use of CCTV to protect people and premises.

The academy, as part of its ongoing maintenance programme, has refurbished many areas for the benefit of our students, including toilet facilities.  Over the years, students have been consulted when making changes.  Students expressed concern about some toilets and therefore single use toilet cubicles have been installed in some parts of the academy. These provide maximum privacy for students using them.  They have full-length doors and sides making them completely private.  Most cubicles also have their own private wash hand basin.

MP Marcus Fysh visits Buckler’s Mead Academy

Local MP Marcus Fysh MP visited Buckler’s Mead Academy  to see History Teaching Assistant Will. Will was a History Teacher when he was involved in a serious car crash 3 years ago which left him in a coma. Since then he has worked very hard, showing amazing determination, his aim to get back into teaching and work within education.
Marcus had a chat with Will, watched and joined in with some students that Will was working with and had a tour of the school with Mrs Gorrod, Headteacher.

Headteacher’s announcement

Headteacher’s announcement

I would like you all to know I have informed the Directors and staff of my decision to resign as Headteacher of Buckler’s Mead Academy. I will be leaving at the end of the summer term. This has not been an easy decision to make but for personal reasons my husband and I have decided this is the right time to move back to be with my family in Cheltenham.

An advertisement will soon be placed in the Times Educational Supplement for my replacement and it is anticipated interviews will be held the final week of this term. The new Headteacher will take up their post on 1st September 2019.

It has been an honour and a privilege to lead the academy. I am incredibly proud of the staff and students and all we have been able to achieve. There are many strengths to the academy, including the individuals within it.   Thank you for your commitment, loyalty and support since my appointment 8 years ago.


Sara Gorrod

Girls Rugby

On Thursday 24th January Westfield, Holyrood and King Arthurs attended Buckler’s Mead Academy for a girls rugby tournament. A great afternoon of rugby with some great performances from all the schools, however Buckler’s were triumphant winning 2 games and drawing 1 game overall! We have some talented girls here at Buckler’s with a love of rugby. It would great if these girls started playing rugby for their local club Yeovil RFC and take their talent further! #bucklersgirlscan

Buckler’s Mead Academy get recognition for their excellence in challenging bullying

Buckler’s Mead academy has received an award for their continued work in the field of Anti-Bullying.  They have recently achieved the Bullying Intervention Group Award for 2018, this is a nationally accredited award for excellence, given to schools who demonstrate a strong ethos and proactive approach towards building. 

Val McFarlane, Director of the Bullying Intervention Group said ‘At Bucklers Mead Academy, the emphasis is not only on the academic achievement of students but their welfare too.  The school has a wide range of anti-bullying strategies in place, students themselves are also involved to make them work even more effectively.  They have a robust, up to date, anti-bullying policy, a focus group, regular staff training, a peer support group who are trained by the Diana Award to be Anti-bullying Ambassadors, they monitor and record incidents and conduct surveys to gather the views of all stakeholders and use the data to inform their practice.  Bucklers Mead Academy also have a Pride Group who raise awareness about Equality and Diversity and have been nationally recognised for their work.  I am so pleased to award this school, who deserve.’


Year 11 Presentation Evening

Buckler’s Mead Academy’s class of 2018 returned to collect their GCSE certificates last week. The annual event is a celebration of the achievements of students who have left Year 11.

The evening was an opportunity for students, parents and teachers to join together and celebrate success. Amongst the certificates there were 6 Special Awards that highlight individual success from Academic achievement, Effort, Determination to succeed and contribution to the life of the academy.

Amongst the winners this year were:

Awards and Presenters:

MANDY PERKINS ‘MY LOVELY’ AWARD               Christina Lane

GULLIVER MUSIC AWARD                                     Georgina Rocket

KEITH RICHMOND CUP – Girls’ Contribution          Yazmin Tatchill

LEN KNIGHT CUP – Boys’ Contribution                    Owen Chard

DENNIS BAGNALL CUP – Academic Effort             Uttam Magar

ASHFORD McKENZIE CUP – Determination            Zoe Rafferty John

CHRIS COLLINS CUP – Academic Achievement     Sam Pollard

Mr Barker, Class of 2018 Year Coordinator, led a fantastic evening together with the Tutors, reminiscing the highs of the 5 years the students spent within the Academy.  Tutors commented on how rewarding it is to welcome students back to the academy and hear about the next phase of their lives beyond Buckler’s Mead.

Mark Lawrence, Assistant Headteacher (Deputy Headteacher) said  “This is always a fantastic evening, it is great to see the students return to collect their certificates and awards and to have the opportunity to once again wish them well for the future. It is special for the teachers to hear the stories of what the students have moved onto next.”.