Citizenship & Politics

Welcome to the Citizenship & Politics Department page. Our aim is when pupils leave Buckler’s Mead Academy they do so with an understanding of the political, legal and economic workings of society and with the social and moral awareness to successfully participate in it.

Our lessons are aimed to empower students with important information through interesting tasks so they feel able to make their own informed decisions and take responsibility for their own lives and their communities.

There are many elements of Citizenship that are covered in subjects like English, Science, Geography and History but Citizenship and Politics education is more than that.

Our country needs active, well informed and responsible citizens; people who are willing to take responsibility for themselves and their communities and contribute to the political process.

Through year 7 – 9 pupils are taught Citizenship and Politics in two ways. It is delivered discretely through topics studied in History and Geography lessons. These currently include:

  • Immigration
  • Poverty and Fairtrade
  • Carbon Footprint
  • War & Conflict
  • International Development and Aid
  • Dictatorships
  • Impact of Climate Change


From September 2014, it will also taught during tutor time with focussed work booklets on specific topics. These include:

Year 7

  • What Makes a Successful Community? (planning, teamwork, public services)
  • Identities in the UK (immigration, multiculturalism, ‘Britishness’)

Year 8

  • Politics in the UK (local & national government, democracy, political parties, elections)
  • Human Rights (origins, difference between adult and children’s rights, conflict of rights)

Year 9

  • International UK (Commonwealth, UN, EU, global issues)
  • Money Matters (budgeting, tax)


In year 10 & 11, pupils may choose to take a GCSE in Citizenship Studies as one of their GCSE options. We follow the Edexcel full course specification with a unit 3 focus on government and politics. The course is broken down as follows:

Unit 1 Citizenship Today (1 hour exam – worth 20% of final grade)

  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • Power, Politics and the Media
  • The Global Community

Unit 2 Participating in Society (controlled assessment – worth 30% of final grade)

  • Pupils can choose their own project title
  • Pupils will be expected to research independently and in small groups
  • Pupils will be expected to contact people of ‘power and influence’ for their expertise

Unit 3 Citizenship in Context (1 ¼ hour exam – worth 20% of final grade)

  • Option C: Influencing and changing decisions in society and government
  • Develop Power, Politics and the Media theme from Unit 1
  • Pupils will focus on identifying and evaluating facts and opinions on issues

Unit 4 Citizenship Campaign (controlled assessment – worth 30% of final grade)

  • Pupils can choose their own project title
  • Plan and participate in the campaign
  • Evaluate the outcome of own action

Benefits of studying GCSE Citizenship & Politics:

  • Develop confidence
  • Promotes teamwork
  • Widens pupil’s knowledge of how the UK and wider world works and why
  • Promotes taking initiative
  • Encourages pupils’ analytical skills
  • Encourages students to acknowledge and appreciate opposite view points and opinions
  • Complements English, History, Geography and B&V

Careers and future:

  • Plenty of skills and knowledge everyone will find useful in later life
  • A Levels, apprenticeships, university
  • Legal profession
  • Police and military
  • Journalism
  • Teaching
  • Career in politics and local government
  • Charity work

Should you have any questions about this subject please contact the Head of Department, Mr Bray.