• Exams will start 14th May and the final exam is 22nd June
  • There will be no study leave until Tuesday 12th June. The expectation
    is that students will attend all lessons during the exam period up until
    this date. After 12th June your child will only have to attend the
    subjects where they have still got an exam to sit.
  • Equipment. Not having the correct equipment can cause undue
    pressure and delay the start of the exam. Please see your packs for
  • Punctuality and Attendance is key.
  • Students should bring revision materials with them for quiet study in lessons where they have already taken the exam (e.g GCSE PE) where they will be supervised by class room teachers.  If they do not bring work then work will be provided.
  • Students will be invited to additional revision sessions for Maths exams.  Again 100% attendance, if invited, is required.
  • If students fail to attend any of the sessions they are expected to, they will run the risk of being asked not to attend the Prom or Leavers Assembly.

Revision Tips