Mathematics Key Stage 3

At Buckler’s Mead, we aim to complete Key Stage 3 for most pupils by the end of Year 8. We follow the National Numeracy Strategy which covers the four areas of Maths:
Handling & Data
With the forthcoming changes at GCSE, we are emphasising ‘functional Maths’, previously problem solving, within our work in years 7 and 8, as well as helping the pupils to develop their Oral work and reflection skills through whole class interactive teaching.

Mathematics Key Stage 4

We begin the GCSE course in Year 9 and follow the AQA modular GCSE Maths specification. The course is currently split into 3 modules as follows:
Module 1, 18%, Handling Data/Probability
Module 2, 27%, Number and Algebra
Module 3, 55%, Shape, Algebra and some Number

The modules are examined at Higher or Foundation tiers and are only available at certain times of the year. Therefore, we try to fit them into the programme of study that is best for the pupils.

The modular course also enables the pupils to receive feedback of the grade they’re working at and to identify if they’re on track to achieve their target grade.


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