Modern Languages

Modern Languages

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English is just not enough.  Believe it or not, not everyone speaks or wants to speak English.  A language will always be useful, no matter what you do.  Languages mean business and speaking a language will make you really stand out. Speaking more than one language increases your brain capacity and improves your memory.  They’re good for you!

Languages are a life skill and one which is highly valued by employers. They can help you to develop your problem-solving skills and make you more adaptable, resourceful and creative.  Languages are a social skill too.   Learning how to meet and greet people from other countries and cultures is a valued skill. Learning a language really improves your communication skills.  The skills learned in a language lesson can be transferred to other curriculum subjects. Here at Buckler’s Mead Academy we are fortunate enough to have a languages assistant who can work with students in small groups or 1-1 to reinforce and support the learning taking place in the classroom



Students currently have the opportunity of studying French in year 7 and French and German in year 8. In class you will study a wide range of topics all about different people and cultures, not just how to speak.  You will read books and magazines, watch films and listen to songs in their native language and amazingly enough you will be able to understand them too!  You will be able to communicate with people if you choose to go abroad and that is a real achievement. For French we follow the “Allez” course and for German we follow the “Zoom” course


Languages at KS4 are optiona but necessary for students who wish to achieve the EBACCl.  We follow the AQA specification in both French and German.  The course aims to develop students’ language skills within a variety of contexts, relating to their own lifestyle and that of other people, including people in countries/communities where the target language is spoken.  The course builds on KS3 study and prepares students for further study.

At GCSE students are examined in Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing across a range of topic areas. Each of these components is worth 25% and these are examined at the end of year 11.