Physical Education

Physical Education at BMA


In year 7 students will develop their performance and knowledge and understanding of skills and in a variety of sports. They will also develop their leadership skills through sport, taking on roles and responsibilities within lessons, for e.g. coach or official.

A wide range of sports will be delivered during year 7. These will include individual sports such as Trampolining, Athletics and Fitness and team sports, including Hockey, Football, Netball and Rugby Union


In year 8 students will further develop their skill level, knowledge of tactics and strategies within a broad range of sports throughout the year. They continue to have opportunities to develop their leadership skills and are delivered a theory element within each unit covering aspects of the GCSE PE course.


In year 9 all students continue to follow a CORE PE programme. Lessons focus on tactics and strategies, performance of more advanced skills, as well as decision making and problem solving. Where students are delivered the more creative activities for e.g. Trampolining and Gymnastics, students have a huge amount of independence to create and choreograph sequences and routines.


In years 10 and 11 all students continue to follow a Core PE programme. This focuses on a range of sports across the year whereby students are physically active, improve their fitness and continue to develop their knowledge of skills and tactics through game based activities. Students have greater responsibility in lessons and lead each other through roles such as an official and coach.

KS4 Examination PE Subject – GCSE PE – Years 9 to 11

Students will develop their theoretical knowledge and understanding of the factors that underpin physical activity and use this knowledge to improve performance. They will learn and understand how the physiological, and socio-cultural factors affect performances in physical activity and sport. Students will understand the contribution which physical activity and sport make to health, fitness and well-being. They will understand key socio-cultural influences which can affect people’s involvement in physical activity and sport. Students will be required to perform to a high level in different physical activities by developing skills and techniques and selecting and using tactics, strategies and/or compositional ideas. They will develop their ability to analyse and evaluate to improve performance in physical activity and sport.