Science Yr 7 & 8

Students will study a range of topics which affect their daily lives, covering Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Students work individually, in small teams and as a class to recognise problems and investigate solutions. Work enables pupils to become more confident and capable citizens in a technological world. Revision guides for the Key Stage 3 course are currently available from the science prep room at break time.


Science Yr 9 - 11

Most students will follow the AQA Combined Science: Trilogy syllabus. This will result in the students being awarded two GCSEs, or if they choose to follow the Triple Science route, three GCSEs. Students will begin preparation for their Science GCSEs during their year 9 specialised curriculum year.

Each of the three units – Biology, Chemistry and Physics – are divided into equal sections and are examined in six separate written exams. Each exam for the students following the Trilogy route will be 75 minutes and students following the Triple Science route will have six exams each lasting 1 hour 45 minutes. The students will be made aware of the content that will be in each paper. All exams will take place at the end of year 11.

To develop their understanding of working scientifically, students will undertake a series of ‘required practicals’, which could be questioned in the final exams. Over the 3 year course, key skills will be focused on to enable students to develop their investigation skills and understanding of Science in the wider world.

In line with the new governmental changes students will be awarded a grade ranging from 1-9 and, through discussions and recommendations from teachers, students will be selected to be entered for either the higher or foundation paper.

Revision Guides are available through the Science department and we strongly advise that every student purchases a book, which we can buy in bulk and offer at a discounted price. One revision guide is required for the Trilogy GCSE, which covers both GCSEs for £5.70. Students completing the Triple Science route need one book for each GCSE, which are £2.95 each. These revision guides are a valuable source of information when revising for topic tests, final examinations and to help when completing homework. Currently revision guides are being sold from Wisepay and the science prep room at break time.

The AQA Combined Science: Trilogy qualification aims to provide the opportunities students need to enable them to progress to A-Levels in Science and many other subjects. They will also be able to relate their work to the world around them and understand various scientific concepts from a wide range of topics.

Whichever route is taken, students will develop skills, such as investigative skills, evaluation skills, communication skills and the ability to work as part of a team as well as an individual, which will help to prepare them for their future.

There are also useful websites that can be used for revision and to help with homework. The website links are below;

  1. Use past papers from the AQA website. Then use the mark schemes to identify areas to improve.
  2. Highlight the specification – use code 8464. (everything that you need to know!)
  3. Youtube video links for ALL topics!
  4. Use the BBC bitesize activities and tests. Testyourself!
  5. Another useful revision website. Revise topics and test yourself.
  6. Use the Seneca Learning website to revise all the topics and practicals.