Study Centre

The Study Centre is a beautiful and contemporary space for studying and reading and aims to provide a peaceful, relaxing and positive atmosphere. We are proud to offer this fabulous facility that serves the whole Academy community. The dedicated staff will be available to help whenever possible.

study centre

Opening times

Every week day including morning break and lunch break

Monday:        8.45 – 3.00

Tuesday:       8.30 – 4.00

Wednesday:   8.30 – 4.00

Thursday:      8.45 – 4.00

Friday:          8.45 – 3.00




Choosing books

Borrowing books

Taking Accelerated Reader quizzes

Doing Homework

Doing Research



All pupils are welcome to use the facilities for the purposes of reading and studying.  Quiet, considerate and respectful behaviour is expected at all times.


Available to Borrow – Over 10 000 books!

  • A fantastic range of fiction books suitable for all ages, abilities and interests.
  • A diverse collection of non-fiction books carefully selected to help with class topics and for general interest.

Borrowing policy

  • Two books may be borrowed at the same time
  • Books are loaned for a period of two weeks (14 days)
  • Books must be loaned out and date stamped with the return date
  • Borrowed books are the responsibility of the borrower
  • Borrowed books should be treated with care

Overdue Items Procedure

  1. If books are not returned on or before the return date, there will be up to 3 reminders via the form tutor.
  2. If no action has been taken following the reminders, this will result in a letter for parents/carers requesting their help with returning OR replacing OR paying for the missing book(s)
  3. If no resolution is reached, an invoice will be sent from the Academy for a minimum of £10 to cover the cost of the book(s) and administration fees.


Pupils will be unable to borrow again until all late books have been returned, replaced or the invoice paid.