Statement of Curriculum Intent


At Buckler's Mead Academy, we are committed to delivering an inclusive and exciting curriculum that will inspire a determination within our students to achieve excellence. Each subject's curriculum is planned by a specialist and is deliberately sequenced to challenge all students and inspire a thirst for knowledge. Our students will be resilient and self-motivated learners. Exposure to a range of subjects , through personalised learning experiences, will help raise the attainment of all students and overcome barriers for learning of our disadvantaged and SEND students. Our intention is that all students are exposed to the range of possible pathways and receive guidance on how to prepare for their post 16 aspirations and make well informed personal choices.

Every subject area, in conjunction with our extra-curricular programme, values the importance of personal enrichment to ensure the students develop their talents and interests and become independent citizens able to make positive contributions to our cohesive community and society in line with British values of democracy, rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect for those with different faiths and beliefs.

Our curriculum and PSHE programme foster a culture of respect and tolerance, and nurtures our learners into empathetic young adults who are politically astute with a critical appreciation for political, socio-economic and environmental current affairs.

The above curriculum intent is implemented across a wide range of subjects over a two week timetable, structured as follows:

Year 7-9

English Maths Science MFL PE Art Music Technology IT Drama Geography History B&V and Citizenship

Year 10 + 11

Maths /English /Science /Geography / History/Computer science/ B&V/ Citizenship/History/ /Engineering/ Music/ Art/Drama/Photography/Food Tech/ Business/French/German/ Media /PE/Textiles


Our curriculum will provide learners with a depth of knowledge and a rich understanding of a broad range of subjects. The curriculum is an inclusive spiral model delivered through a consistent learning cycle, which builds through a 5 year learning journey to outstanding levels of achievement for all pupils which will develop expertise over time and embed a core knowledge that will maximise cognitive development and long term memory.

Central to the design of the curriculum is a breadth of experience through dedicated time for enrichment and personal development underpinned by the BMA value that excellence can be achieved by all of our learners. Subjects will explicitly teach tier 2 and 3 words through the study of etymology in a unified approach to reduce the vocabulary gap. Wider reading will be promoted within "Read to Suceed"as the OECD report 'Reading for Change' found a high correlation between reading enjoyment and educational success. Our assessments provide opportunity to influence the future planning, check progress, intervene and celebrate success. It also provides an opportunity to produce "exemplary work" that is of the highest quality and has real purpose.

Our students will have aspirations and know that by achieving excellent outcomes, they will have a choice of destinations. Our students, regardless of starting point, will have a broad understanding of a wide range of areas to continue their learning beyond school because with a core knowledge it will be easier to build on this and continue to learn more. Our students will feel engaged in learning and will take responsibility for their learning within a culture of success. We are confident that our curriculum will produce industrious and enterprising and self-sufficient citizens with enquiring minds. Outstanding progress for all students will be evidenced by excellent outcomes and destination measures. Students with developed knowledge and skills across a broad range of subject areas, will be evidenced through internal assessment data, student work and student voice. Engagement in lessons with positive attitudes and resilience will be evidenced in learning walks and student voice. Holistic personal development will be evidenced in student work, displays, student voice and wider student achievements.