Year 9 Options for KS4

Dear Parents/Guardians,

In September 2021 your son/daughter, along with all students in the present Year 9, will begin a two year course leading to qualifications in GCSEs or their TECH Award vocational equivalents: BTECs and VCERTs.

The contents of this webpage are intended to provide you with information about the curriculum. In Years 10-11 students will have an opportunity to choose some of the subjects they would like to study alongside the core subjects as part of the National Curriculum.
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This page will help you and child with this process providing

  • Online guides to each subjects including Video Presentations from subject teachers about the courses on offer and written guidance and information about each subject.
  • Recorded presentation on the Options process and ‘How to’ guides to filling in the Google options form.
  • Information on the different Pathways and routes students will have been directed to follow. Your child will have already been informed of the Pathway they are on in a separate letter in April.

I urge you to read through all the information you receive with your son or daughter carefully to help inform your choices. Please do not hesitate to contact either your child’s tutor, Head of Year, Mr Pickering, our SENCO, Mrs Thompson, or Mr Balkwill, if you require advice on any aspect of your child’s subject choice which may be causing you concern via our main reception.

Yours sincerely

Mr Lawrence – Headteacher

KS4 Options Overview

Mr Balkwill (Acting Deputy Headteacher) explains the options and pathway process for 2021-23 including:

  • Options Timeline
  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • What will your 10 & 11 Curriculum look like?
  • What are the pathways on offer?
  • Individual look at each pathway
  • What Students Can’t do

If you have any questions about the Options and pathway process email

KS4 Options Form Overview

Mr Balkwill (Acting Deputy Headteacher) Highlights some of the key areas to to read through on this webpage and talks through completing the options form.

If you have any further questions about the Options form please feel free to contact the academy via your child’s tutor or by sending an email to

KS4 Options - Subject Videos

Art Craft & Design GCSE
Art & Textile GCSE
Computer Science and IT
Drama BTEC
Food Preparation & Nutrition
French and German GCSE
Geography GCSE
History GCSE
Music BTEC
Photography GCSE
Science Options - Triple Science

Information about our KS4 Pathways

Main Pathway

You will feel that you have made good progress in most of your subjects, but may feel less confident in Modern Foreign Languages. You may feel more confident studying a humanities (Geography and History) along with a blend of other GCSEs and vocational qualifications.

Main Pathway

B Pathway (Ebac)

You will be achieving good grades in nearly all of your subjects. You have the ability to go to university or further study and need a good range of academic GCSEs to support you to prepare for these choices. This pathway will provide you with the opportunity to study a broad range of academic subjects alongside other subjects of your choosing. You will have the opportunity to select at least one creative, practical or vocational subject too if you wish to do so.

B Pathway (Ebac)

Alternative Curriculum Pathway

This is an invitation only pathway for students who the academy feel would benefit from alternative courses and qualifications. Students invited to this pathway will participate in a Foundation Learning programme run by the SENCo alongside option choices for in blocks two-four. Students and parents will be contacted by the academy to discuss this pathway if we feel that this appropriate for you.

Alternative Curriculum Pathway