The Buckler’s Mead Academy uniform is designed to be extremely smart and worn with pride.


A high standard of uniform is expected of all students. Anyone arriving at school in incorrect uniform should expect to be sent to Student Support or home to change into appropriate uniform.  All uniform is checked on entry to and exit from classrooms as part of our ready to learn expectations.

Failure to comply with school rules will lead to further consequences.


Blazers: (Grey) with the academy logo should be worn at all times when moving around the site and when in lessons. The House colour badge should be worn on the left lapel.


School jumper: A plain black ‘V neck’ standard knitted school style jumper (not patterned) is worn underneath the blazer. There is no requirement for the jumper to have the Buckler’s Mead Academy logo on it. 


Shirt/blouse: white, buttoned up to neck. Any vests or t-shirts worn under the shirt must be plain whiteand without a logo. They should not be visible. Shirts/blouses should be tucked in at all times. 


School Tie: striped, upper school or prefect (clip on is available)


Skirts: should be black and pleated between 5cm above the knee and 7cm below. They should be of suiting rather than stretchy material. Skirts should be worn with plain black or neutral tights, or ankle or knee length socks. Tights should be opaque black of at least 60 denier. They should be of a plain design. 


Trousers: School trousers should be plain black. No faded trousers, denim or denim look, chinos, jogging bottoms, leggings or hipsters should be worn. Trousers should be full length reaching down to the shoe.


Tailored Shorts: black, knee length tailored shorts.


Socks: Socks should be plain black with no visible logo and cover the ankle, not short trainer socks or over the knee socks.


Shoes: flat black leather (or leather style) school shoes, not suede or other fabrics, not boots. The wearing of trainers is not allowed.


Outdoor coats: Outdoor coats can be worn travelling to and from school and around site, but should not be worn in the classroom. Outdoor coats are described as protecting from the weather, keeping students warm and dry. Hoodies and non-uniform jumpers/cardigans are not acceptable at any time within school. 


Make up: Only discreet and natural looking make up is permitted. Natural looking makeup may include a pale shade of eye shadow, black or brown mascara and foundation the same colour as the student’s natural skin tone. Glitter make up, bold and unnatural eyeliner and lipstick are not permitted. Nail extensions and/or nail varnish is not permitted. Those wearing inappropriate make up or nail varnish will be asked to remove it.


Hair: No extreme haircuts or colours are permitted. Hair should be natural looking. More than one colour is not acceptable. Streaks of colour within the hair that are not the student’s natural hair colour are not acceptable. Mohican and undercut styles are not acceptable. Longer hair should be tied up for practical subjects as requested for example PE, Technology and Arts. 


Jewellery/Badges: One studded earring only is permitted in each earlobe. Other sorts of earrings, of any colour, including ‘spacers, bars, or spikes’ are not permitted. All other body piercings are not acceptable and cannot be covered by a plaster. This includes nose studs, tongue bars and piercings at the top of the ear. One simple ring, no large stones or sovereigns are permitted. Necklaces and bracelets should not be worn; with the exception of one charity band which must be removed for PE. Only official Buckler's Mead Academy badges can be worn on the lapel of the blazer. Buckler's Mead Academy badges are encouraged to be worn with pride. 


We will always look to support families where there may be difficulties sourcing the correct uniform. 


Please contact your child’s tutor in the first instance regarding uniform related issues.